Objective: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common psychiatric disorders of childhood and adolescence. Although Stimulant Medicine and Occupational Therapy services have Important Role on Treating ADHD signs and symptoms, Psychosocial Interventions are needed to Improve Children’s Behaviors and Parent – Child Interaction.

Group Parent management Training is one of the most empirically supported psychosocial Intervention for most Population. The Object of the present Study is to investigate the Effectiveness of Group Parent Management Training on Behavioral disorders among ADHD children referring Occupational Therapy Centers.

Method: In this interventional and queasy experimental Study, Using Simple Randomized sampling, 54 children with ADHD meet study criteria and their mothers were recruited from 7 Mental Occupational Therapy Clinics. They allocated into two Equal groups (n = 27). Both groups received routine Occupational Therapy and Medication. Parent management Training program using triple p manual (Sanders 2005) added to the Intervention Group program. These sessions lasted 2 h a week for 8 weeks. Data was collected from their mothers at baseline survey and eight weeks later, at the end of Intervention, by using 2 questionnaires:
Demographic questionnaire and Conners Parent Rating Scale (CPRS 48). Statistical Analysis of data was done by Independent Ttest and Paired T test.

Results: The Results of this study confirmed that although both Groups showed significant improvement in all subscales of Behavioral questionnaire (CPRS) by using Paired T test, relative to control group, Intervention group made significant improvements in Conduct subscale (P.001),Anxiety subscale (P.001),HI subscale (P=0.016),and Total (P.001). But their Psychosomatic subscale, Learning Subscale and Impulsion and Hyperactivity Subscale Didn’t change clearly.

Conclusion: ۸ session Group Parent management Training is significantly effective in decreasing Behavioral Disorders and anxiety Status of 4 to 10 year old ADHD children. Then this psychosocial Intervention could be used as an effective complementary method beside medication and Occupational therapy Programs.

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